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Alexandra Lee's goal when writing is for her readers to see the world in a new way or to think about something differently. She has spent the last ten years studying history, mythology, psychology, and sociology in order to bring you characters and worlds that feel real despite being set in a universe different from our own. There is no topic she won't write about no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Life doesn't press delete and neither will she.


Alexandra always writes fiction and is especially passionate for fantasy. Her stories always include something from mythology though her focus is always on characters. She believes that even good characters can make an old plot worth reading. Her novels aim to seduce you. She wants you to feel raw and vulnerable in hopes that when you set her novels down the world appears a little more beautiful.


Alexandra grew up in Nashville, Tennessee where she still lives today with her brother, father, and two little dogs. From the age of nine, Alexandra knew she would be a writer though many doubted her because she didn't enjoy reading. She finished her first book at twelve and still has it today. Her second book was completed at fifteen and will be edited later as the third book in the Era of Dawn series. Evermore is her third book but the first that she has felt ready to share with the world.


Alexandra Lee studied audio and video production while in high school as well as psychology, sociology, and writing. She has yet to attend college and prefers to do research on various topics in her spare time. She is an avid gamer and has been immersed in them since the age of three. It was in playing video games from a young age that she realized she loved stories and compelling characters. She reads occasionally, her favorite authors currently being Richelle Mead and Simon Holt.


Alexandra Lee has just released Evermore the first book in the Era of Dawn series but is always working on new stories.



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