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Kellan has roamed the earth for the past 400 years searching for something, anything, greater than him, and now, in San Francisco, he thinks he has finally found it. He has stumbled across college student, Aria Sandoval, who defies his very existence, and he’ll do anything to figure out the magic surrounding the beautiful woman.

Aria Sandoval is a Criminology major in her second year at UCSF and has no idea that, instead of criminal behavior, it’s the paranormal she should be studying. Adopted when she was an infant, after being abandoned in a church, she has no idea whom she came from or why a vampire would be stalking her now.

Intrigue, mystery, passion, desire and an unexplainable magic never seen before surround the 20-year-old as she learns exactly who she is and what kind of fight she’s in.

Aria must believe in the unbelievable as she weaves her way through a web of enchantment spun just for her and seeks to find the answers to who she really is.



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Rhett Shaw is an aspiring author with a lot on his mind. The noise of Brooklyn has drowned out all of his ideas for stories, so, in order to get back to the basics, and his career, he decides to make a move to the countryside in Vermont.

The white wooden house nestled deep in the privacy of the woods looked perfect. Sure, it was run down, but it was quiet, secluded, and, it appeared, vacant.

Immediately after moving into his new quarters, Rhett begins to notice odd things happening around the house—his tools aren't where he leaves them,  appliances are on when he's certain he has turned them off, he hears noises rattling through the walls, and sometimes he feels like he's not alone. At first he ignores it because inspiration hits, and his book seems to start writing itself. Chapter after chapter fills up before his very eyes at a pace unlike any before. Characters come alive and embed themselves deep inside his thoughts—but before long, his actions too. He can see what they see, feel what they feel, and desire what they desire—and it isn't pretty. As he finds himself spinning out of control and playing a sinister game along with the very characters in his book,  Rhett does some research on his new home only to find out something terribly shocking. But will the house let him leave, or is it too late now that it has taken possession?



Vanessa Warner loves her family more than anything, so she goes into an emotional tailspin when her younger sister, Abby, is brutally gang raped by her date and his friends and left for dead. To make matters worse, the local police station, which is facing budget cuts and a crime wave, doesn’t seem to have the resources to find the offenders, so Vanessa takes matters into her own hands to seek retribution. The laid-off police officer goes undercover in the world of online dating, where her sister had met one of the rapists, and lures him out. Sucked in by her rage, though, she doesn’t stop at him and his posse. She’ll punish any man who thinks he’s entitled.

When a crime wave hits Cleveland, MS, the shorthanded police department seeks the help of neighboring Greenville PD’s Homicide Department to help solve a series of ritualistic murders of young men.

Brooke Daniels and her team are called in to help catch a sadistic serial killer who started 39 miles away in Cleveland, but is branching out of the city as well. As they close in on the killer, though, Brooke falls seriously ill to leftover injuries obtained in a car accident.



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